Corry Memorial Hospital and Corry Rural Health Clinic
965 Shamrock Lane
Corry, PA 16407
(814) 664-4641

Union City Rural Health Clinic
101 E. High Street
Union City, PA 16438
(814) 438-2088

Welcome to LECOM Health Corry Memorial Hospital

Corry Memorial Hospital is a state-of-the-art medical center featuring advanced medical technologies and enhanced services for patients and their families. The hospital has been actively serving Corry and its surrounding communities for nearly 124 years. Ingrained in the hospital’s original mission were the goals of providing the best and most efficient healthcare possible. Today, our commitment to excellence remains the same as some things should never change. Small town values matter to us, too. We’re more than a team of healthcare workers. We’re also active members of the community … your neighbors, friends and family. That’s why we’re proud to provide exemplary health care services for you and your loved ones. Not for the accolades, but for the health and well-being of all the community members we serve. Gold_Horiz