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Occupational/Employee Health

Corry Occupational Care was established by Corry Memorial Hospital in 1994 to assist with the needs of the business and industrial communities. We offer an experienced staff that is here to help with your needs. You may contact Occupational Care at (814) 664-4641, ext 3060.

This department can provide services that include:

  • Employment physicals – both DOT (truck/bus drivers) and NDOT (regular).
  • Consortium drug testing and management with licensed MRO (Medical Review Officer).
  • Urine drug and breath alcohol testing by certified collectors – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. After hours collections are done by our lab, which also is certified.
  • Wellness programs such as Health Fairs (lab work, blood pressures, vision screenings and body fat analysis) and immunizations on-site are possible.
  • On-site nursing services that include a registered nurse who is available to provide care to employees, such as first aid, evaluations and referrals, no matter where or how it happened.
  • Education/management of first aid teams.
  • Case management for worker’s compensation for an earlier return to work.
  • Job site analysis, safety evaluations, work conditioning programs and ergonomics.
  • Most important, all information is kept confidential.

All of these services can aid in the reduction of medical costs, along with reductions in worker’s compensation cases.