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Transitional Care Plus

In our ongoing effort to provide the best possible care to members of our community, Corry Memorial provides qualifying patients with a customized service to ease the various transitions they may undergo. This service, Transitional Care Plus (TCP), is designed to ensure that patients who have to travel to hospitals outside of our community for specialized care have the opportunity to receive restorative and rehabilitative services at Corry Memorial.

TCP can provide significant cost savings to individuals in our community requiring such a service. It allows patients to recover/rehabilitate in a hospital closer to their homes and families, eliminating the potentially costly travel and lodging expenses for family/friends that may occur if the patient were to remain in an “out-of-town” hospital. Furthermore, it allows patients to recover/rehabilitate in their own communities, eliminating the stress that can come from an unfamiliar environment.

Our TCP program offers:

  • Rehabilitation – A program specifically tailored to each patient’s needs and administered by a medical professional appropriately trained and licensed;
  • Medication Management – In some cases, a patient may require significant amounts of medication on a very specific schedule. We are equipped to manage this process to ensure patients receive the appropriate medications without the patient having to worry about forgetting a medication if they were on their own;
  • Nutritional Consultation – Our team of Nutritionists and Dieticians are available to each patient in the program to advise and set up meal programs meeting their specific needs;
  • Skilled Nursing Care – Our Nurses possess hundreds of years of combined experience and stand ready to serve each patient in the TCP program; and
  • Discharge Planning – We employ highly experienced and knowledgeable discharge planners to ease the process of discharge, ensure that each patient is knowledgeable in what additional medical care is required following discharge, and, in certain situations, we ensure that all of a patient’s pertinent medical information is transferred to a long term care facility when a patient’s state of health warrants such a transfer.

Because our TCP program is certified by Medicare, the Pennsylvania Department of Health and Blue Cross of Western Pennsylvania, many insurance carriers will pay for this service. The benefits, services and comfort offered by Corry Memorial’s TCP program is unmatched by any other local medical provider. We strive to ensure that any patient requiring this service realizes the benefits of our program by the conclusion of their stay.

If you have any questions regarding this program, do not hesitate to contact us at 814-664-4641, and a member of our TCP team will be happy to address them.